Vivian Fung – Works

(Works without a link may be on rental or in preparation. Please contact us for details.)

Aqua Orchestra: 2222 4231 T Perc (2) Hp Pno Stgs 5′
Biennale Snapshots Orchestra: 3333 4331 T P (3) Hp Pno Stgs 23′
Billy Collins Suite Narrator, Clarinet, Violoncello and Piano 11′
Birdsong Violin and Piano 10′
Blaze Orchestra: 3333 4331 T Perc (3) Hp Pno Stgs 13′
Bounce Horn, Violin and Piano 12′
Butterfly Variations String Orchestra 20′
Chanted Rituals Trumpet (Flugelhorn) and Percussion 12′
Clarinet Quintet: Frenetic Memories Clarinet and String Quartet 15′
Concertino Notturno Flute, Harpsichord and Strings 15′
Concerto for 2 Violins and String Orchestra
2 Vns. and Stgs. 15′
“Dreamscapes” Concerto for Piano and Orchestra: 1111 1110 Perc (2) Stgs 25′
Dust Devils
Orchestra: 3333 4331 T Perc (3) Hp Pno Stgs 10′
Orchestra 20′
Fanfare Orchestra 6′
Gamelan Grunge Arrangement of “Kreasi Mekanis Mainan” for Alto Sx., Drum Set, El. Gtr., Pno., Vn., Vc., Cb. 8′
Glimpses Prepared Piano 10′
Harp Concerto
Harp, Percussion and Strings 21′
Humanoid Violoncello and Electronics 14′
The Ice is Talking
Percussion and Electronics 12′
Indigenous Rites Baritone Saxophone and Brass Band 13′
Javanese Court Song Flute and Piano (intermediate level) 3′
Kecak Attack! Mixed Chorus a cappella 4′
Keeping Time Piano 4′
Kreasi Mekanis Mainan (“Mechanical Toys”)
Samara Dana Gamelan Ensemble 8′
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Opera (Shadow Puppets)  
Three Love Songs in Chinese Soprano and Orchestra: 2222 2210 Perc (2) Hp Pno Stgs 12′
Miniatures Clarinet and String Quartet 13′
Night Impressions Traditional Chinese Instruments: Erhu, Dizi, Pipa, 2 Perc. 18′
The Night Singer Mini-opera for Soprano, Tenor, Bass-Baritone and Piano  
Night Songs Mezzo-Soprano, Flute, Trumpet, Percussion, and Violin 18′
Pizzicato String Orchestra (Third movement of String Quartet No. 1) 4′
Pizzicato String Quartet (Third movement of String Quartet No. 1) 4′
Pot Roast a la RBG
Soprano and Piano 6′
Prayer Orchestra 5′
Primitive Dance and Folksong Piano (intermediate level) 3′
Recommendation Mixed Chorus and 2 Percussion 7′
Rhapsody Trumpet and Piano 8′
Sanci Kuni Choir a cappella 4′
Scherzo Piano Trio 5′
The Shaman Speaks Saxophone Choir 4′
Silhouettes Erhu 5′
Six Haiku Baritone and Piano 10′
Sketch Cello and Electronics 4′
Songs of Childhood Voice and Piano 8′
String Quartet No. 1 String Quartet 18′
String Quartet No. 2
String Quartet 18′
String Quartet No. 3
String Quartet 10′
String Quartet No. 4 String Quartet 12′
String Sinfonietta String Orchestra 18′
Twist Violin and Guitar 13′
Violin Concerto No. 1
Violin and Orchestra: 1111 Hn Tpt Perc (2) Hp Stgs 21′
Violin Concerto No. 2 Violin and Orchestra: 2( picc)2 (EH)2 (Bs.Cl.)(Cbn)  4231 Timp  Perc. (2) Harp piano strings 22′
The Voices inside My Head Percussion 15′
Yunnan Folk Songs Mezzo-Soprano, Baritone, and mixed ensemble: Fl, Ob, Cl, Sheng (Chinese Reed) Hn, Perc (2) Stg Qt. 19′