About Us

We are providers of services to publishers, composers, performing organizations, and other institutions that require publishing professionals. We offer the following services:

  • Composer Representation
  • Music Engraving
  • Book Design
  • Typesetting
  • Production Management
  • Print Supervision

William Holab (owner) comes from a long line of Chicago-area plumbers. At the age of 7 he realized that his destiny was not at the back end of a sewer drain, and focused his attention on less odoriferous output.

In 1980, while studying composition at Juilliard, Holab began work for Music Publishing Services, an autography firm that prepared high-end engraving for publication. He later moved on to become an editor at C.F. Peters Corp., Director of Publications for G. Schirmer/Associated Music Publishers, Director of Production for Universal Edition, and Director of Sales and Publishing for Schott Music Corp.

During this period the industry converted its various manual methods of music engraving to computer-based notesetting. The first program to be used was Leland Smith’s SCORE program. Holab wrote the technical documentation for this program and consulted extensively on its development. Holab has consulted for MakeMusic (Finale), Avid (Sibelius) and Steinberg (Dorico) on the details of fine engraving and how to translate its principles to computer-based note setting.

Holab is a contributing author to Insights and Essays on the Music Performance Library (Meredith Music/Hal Leonard), and contributes articles to numerous publications and periodicals on topics relating to the industry. He presents workshops to composers and music professionals throughout the country on engraving, copyright, contracts, and commissions.