Frequently Asked Questions

I’m looking for a work and it’s not listed under the composer’s name or in your store. What should I do?

There are a number of possible reasons for this, and it’s best to contact us to find out about availability. Sometimes the work is under exclusivity, or it may be undergoing revision, or it might be with another publisher.

I want to create a ballet/dance piece with music you represent. How do I get permission to do this?

You are looking to request a “Grand Rights” license, and we have a form for that here.

I want to record one of your works. Are you affiliated with Harry Fox? How do I obtain a mechanical license?

We do not use the Harry Fox agency for mechanical licenses. You can fill out a request here.

I am interested in having your company represent me. Do you accept submissions?

We are always interested in reviewing composer’s catalogs for representation. It’s best to send an introductory email first, and to explain a bit about your situation, how you have been handling things, and what kind of activity is going on in your career.

I see you come from a long line of Chicago-area plumbers. I’m having problems with my toilet, and wondered if you have any tips on how to clear the line?

We do have quite a bit of experience with this type of problem, but the family secrets are tightly held.