Jake Heggie – Works

Jake Heggie

(Works without links are either on rental or in preparation. Please contact us for details.)

Again Opera: 4 singers and chamber ensemble 10′
Ahab Symphony Tenor, Chorus (SATB) and Orchestra 28′
Another Sunrise Soprano, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello, Bass and Piano
At the Statue of Venus Sop & Pno. 25′
At the Statue of Venus Soprano and Chamber Orchestra:
Oboe (EH), Sax (Sop., Alto and Flute), Clar. in A, Perc (1), Pno., 3 Violins, Cello, Cb.
Before the Storm Mezzo, Vc. & Pno.
The Breaking Waves Mezzo-Soprano and Piano
Camille Claudel: Into the Fire Mezzo-Soprano and Orchestra: 1111 4220 T P(2) Hp Stgs 30′
Camille Claudel: Into the Fire Mezzo-Soprano and String Quartet 30′
Camille Claudel: Into the Fire Mezzo-Soprano and Piano 30′
Trois Chansons de Bilitis Mezzo-Soprano and String Quartet
Cut Time Variations for piano and chamber orchestra 12′
Dead Man Walking Opera in 2 acts
The Deepest Desire Mezzo, Flute, and Piano 18′
The Deepest Desire Mezzo with chamber orchestra (2-2-2-2, 2-2-0-0, perc, pno, strings). 18′
Musical Saw and String Quartet 10′
End of the Affair 1111 1110 perc pno hp stgs
Epilogue Baritone and Piano
Facing Forward/Looking Back  2 Women and Piano
Faith Disquiet SATB a cappella
Farewell, Auschwitz Sop., Mezzo-sop., Bar., Cl. Vn. Vc. Cb. and Pno. 25′
Final Monologue
(from Master Class)
Soprano (or Lyric Mezzo) and Piano
Flute Concerto: Fury of Light Solo Flute 2(picc.)022 2110 Perc(1) Hp Stgs 16′
For a Look or a Touch Actor, Baritone, Men’s Chorus, Flute, Clarinet, Percussion, Piano, Violin, Violoncello 40′
For a Look or a Touch actor, baritone, fl cl vn vc pno 40′
For a Look or a Touch (song cycle) baritone, fl cl vn vc pno 20′
Friendly Persuasions Ten. Fl Ob VC Hpsch
From the Book of Nightmares Soprano, Violoncello and Piano 15′
Full Circle 50
Flute, Violincello and Piano 11′
Fury of Light Flute and Piano 16′
Great Scott Opera in 2 Acts
Grow Old Along With Me Bar. & Pno.
He Will Gather Us Around
(from Dead Man Walking)
Mezzo-soprano, Soprano, Children’s Chorus and Piano
He Will Gather Us Around
(from Dead Man Walking)
SATB a capella
Here and Gone Tenor, Baritone, Vn., Va., Vc., Pno.
here/after book 1 Soprano/Mezzo-Soprano and Piano
here/after book 2 Tenor/Baritone and Piano
Holy the Firm Cello and Orchestra 23′
How Well I Knew the Light Sop. & Pno.
A Hundred Thousand Stars Men’s Chorus and Piano (or chamber ensemble) 6′
I Shall Not Live in Vain Mezzo, Girls Chorus (SA), Bells and Piano
Iconic Legacies: First Ladies at the Smithsonian Mezzo-Soprano and Piano 15′
If I Were You
Opera in Two Acts
In Our House Sop. Bar. and Chamber Ensemble (Fl Perc Pano Stg Qt.) 6′
Intonations: Songs from the Violins of Hope Mezzo-soprano, Solo Violin, Youth Solo Violin and String Quartet 35′
It’s a Wonderful Life Opera in 2 Acts
A Lucky Child Soprano (or Lyric Mezzo) and Piano
Meditation: The Slow Seconds
2 Violins and Piano 4′
Moby-Dick Opera in two Acts
Moby-Dick Suite Orchestra 28′
The Moon is a Mirror Bar. & Pno.
Newer Every Day Soprano and Piano 12′
Newer Every Day
Soprano and Orchestra: 1121 1110 Hp Stgs 12′
An Ode to Image Soprano and Piano
Of Laughter and Farewell Two songs for Baritone (or Tenor) and Piano
On the Road to Christmas Mezzo-soprano and strings 15′
Opera Aria Collections
4 collections, by voice type, of the most popular arias from Heggie’s operas
Orcas Island Ferry Violin (Viola) and Piano
The Other, Other Woman Voice and Piano
Passing By Voice and Piano
Patterns Mezzo, Chorus (SSAA) and Piano
Pieces of 9/11 Soprano, Girl Soprano, Baritone and Piano
A Question of Light Baritone and Piano
Rise and Fall Sop. & Pno.
Robert Schumann Mezzo-Soprano, Baritone and Piano
Seeking Higher Ground Double Chorus and Orch.
Six Christmas Traditions SATB Chorus, Flute, Oboe, and Piano
Soliloquy Flute and Piano 5′
Some Times of Day Mezzo, Vn., Vc., Pno.
Songs and Sonnets to Ophelia Soprano and Piano
The Starry Night Mezzo and piano
Statuesque Mezzo, Fl, Cl, Alto Sx., Vn, Vc, Bs, pno. 20′
Stop this day and Night Choir (SATBBB) unaccompanied
The Radio Hour Choral Opera in One Act: For Chamber Choir and Silent Actress with Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Violin, Violoncello, Contrabass, Percussion and Piano
The Work at Hand Mezzo-Soprano, Violoncello and Orchestra 18′
These Strangers Soprano (or Mezzo-Soprano) and Piano 10′
This is My Beloved Baritone, Violin, Violoncello and Piano
Three Decembers Opera in two acts
To Hell and Back 2 Sop 221 2 Perc (1) Hpscd Stgs 60′
To Say Before Going to Sleep Soprano (or Lyric Mezzo) and Piano
Two Remain (Out of Darkness)
Opera in Two Acts
Vanity (blah blah me)
(from Seven Deadly Sins)
Mezzo, Cl., Perc., Vc., Cb., Pno.
What Do You Remember
About Dad?
(from Three Decembers)
Soprano, Baritone and Piano
Winter Roses Fl, Ob, Cl, Bn., Hn, Pno, Stg. Quintet