Robert Paterson – Works


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Arias from Three Way-Female Soprano/Mezzo-Soprano and Piano
Arias from Three Way-Male Countertenor, Tenor, Baritone/Bass-Baritone and Piano
Autumn Songs
Mezzo-Soprano and Sextet 19′
Batter’s Box Tenor and Piano 18′
The Book of Goddesses Flute (Picc., Al., Bass), Harp, Perc. 36′
Braids Violin and Marimba (4 mallets or 6 mallets) 8′
CAPTCHA Mezzo-Soprano or Baritone and Piano 16′
Choral Suite from “A New Eaarth” Chorus (SATB) and Piano 14′
Clarinatrix Bass Clarinet and Marimba (6 mallet) 5′
Closet Full of Demons Sinfonietta (1111 1110 Perc Pno Strings (1 each) 7′
Crimson Earth Symphonic Band 15′
Crossing the Hudson Soprano, Baritone and Piano 5′
Dark Mountains Chamber Orchestra 14′
Deep Blue Ocean Two Pianos 12′
Did You Hear? SATB chorus, a cappella 6′
Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep Chorus SATB (a cappella) 5′
A Dream Within a Dream SATB Chorus a cappella 7′
Duo for Flute and Marimba Flute and Marimba (4 mallets or 6 mallets) 15′
Eating Variations Baritone and Chamber Ensemble (Fl, Cl., Vn., Vc, Perc-1) 9′
Electric Lines Orchestra 9′
Elegy 2 Bassoons and Piano 10′
Elegy 2 Violoncelli and Piano 10′
Embracing the Wind Flute, Viola, and Harp 10′
Enlightened City Orchestra: 3(1.2.3./picc)222-4321-timpani+3 percussion, strings 10′
Estsanatlehi (from The Book of Goddesses) Bass Flute 4′
The Essence of Gravity Chorus (SATB) a cappella 18′
Eternal Reflections Chorus (SATB) a cappella 15′
Fanfare 6 Trumpets 5′
Fantasia Tuba and Marimba (6 mallets) 6′
Firecracker Alley Wind Ensemble (Picc. 2 Fl, 2 Ob, 2 Bn, 3 Cl, Bs Cl, 2 Alto Sx, Ten Sx, Bari Sx, 3 Tpt, 4 Hn, 2 Tbn, BT, Euph, Tuba, Timp, Perc (6)) 6′
Forest Shadows Marimba (4 mallets) 8′
Five Marimba Solos Forest Shadows, Komodo, Merry Go Round, Piranha, Binary Hearts
Four Walden Canons Mixed Chorus, a cappella 5′
Freya’s Tears Violin and Harp 15′
Ghost Theater for 2 female singers, large chamber ensemble, and optional film 11′
Graffiti Canons SATB Chorus, a capella 12′
Hell’s Kitchen Flute/Picc./Blender, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Blender, Violin/Coffee Grinder, Cello, Perc-1, and Piano 12′
I See You String Quartet and Soundtrack 11′
I See You String Quintet and Soundtrack 11′
I See You String Orchestra and Soundtrack 11′
In Real Life
Dating Site Songs for Soprano and Chamber Ensemble:Reeds (1 player: Flute/Oboe/Clarinet), Perc. (1 player), Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Keyboard 21′
Joy Ride Piano 3′
Komodo Marimba (6 mallets) 4′
Life is But a Dream SATB Chorus, a capella 5′
Links & Chains Violin and Marimba (4 mallets or 6 mallets) 5′
Looney Tunes Flute, Saxophone, Perc., Piano, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Violin and Violoncello 16′
Lux Aeterna Chorus (SATB) unaccompanied 6′
Mandala 2 Marimbas 7′
Meditation Organ 4′
Merry Go Round Marimba (6 mallets) 3′
Moon Trio Violin, Violoncello and Piano 21′
A New Eaarth Chorus, Narrator and Orchestra 38′
Pegasus Flute and Harp 6′
Piranha Marimba (6 mallets) 5′
Three Postludes Marimba (6 mallets) 9′
Prison Cell 2 Percussionists 10′
Quintus Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello, Marimba and Piano 7′
Relative Theory
Fl., Ob., Cl., & Pno. 14′
Scorpion Tales 2 Harps 12′
Sextet Flute, Clarinet, Perc., Piano, Violin and Violoncello 9′
Shine Brass Quintet 18′
Skylights Clarinet (Bass Clar.), Violin, Violoncello and Piano 10′
Snow Day SATB chorus, a capella 9′
Sonata for Bassoon and Piano Bassoon and Piano 15′
Sonata No. 1 Violin and Piano 20′
Spring Songs
Tenor and Sextet 20′
Star Crossing Flute, Clarinet, Perc. and Piano 9′
Stealing Thunder Percussion Sextet and Recording 9′
Stillness Alto Flute and Marimba (4 mallets) 6′
Stillness Oboe and Marimba (6 mallets) 6′
String Quartet No. 1 String Quartet 22′
Suite for String Orchestra String Orchestra 15′
Summer Songs Soprano & Chamber Ensemble (Fl., Cl., Vn., Vc, Perc., & Pno.) 21′
Sun Trio Violin, Violoncello, and Piano 40′
Symphony in Three Movements Chamber Orchestra (2221 2210 Timp Perc Strings) 20′
The Thin Ice of Your Fragile Mind Fl Cl Perc Vn Vc Pno 8′
Three Goddesses (from The Book of Goddesses) Flute and Harp 12′
Three Way A Trio of One-Act Operas 120′
Thursday Soprano and Piano 11′
Tongue and Groove (4 mallet version) Alto Saxophone and Marimba 8′
Tongue and Groove (6 mallet version) Alto Saxophone and Marimba 8′
Variations and Fantasies on an Accordion Song Piano 9′
Whitman’s America Soprano, Baritone, Chorus and Orchestra 22′
The Whole Truth
Chamber Opera in Seven Scenes 25′
Wind Quintet Wind Quintet 18′
Winter Songs Bass-baritone and sextet (Flute, Clarinet, Perc., Piano, Violin and Violoncello) 20′