With music and concept by Laura Kaminsky, libretto by Mark Campbell and Kimberly Reed, the opera As One was given its premiere by American Opera Projects at the BAM Fisher Theater in September of 2014. The production featured a film by Kimberly Reed, and was universally praised for its honesty and originality.

A rich addition to the repertoire … formidable on all fronts … As One is everything that we hope for in contemporary opera: topical, poignant, daring, and beautifully written.”
– New York Classical Review

“Artistically distinguished, socially important … says so much with relatively modest means.”


As One, … satisfies in an entertaining and delicately moving way.”
– New York Observer

A piece that haunts and challenges its audience with questions about identity, authenticity, compassion and the human desire for self-love and peace.”
– Opera News

As One forces you to think, simultaneously challenging preconceptions and inspiring empathy…[with] winning humor and a satisfying emotional arc.”
– The New York Times

“Perfect Boy” from As One [excerpt] from American Opera Projects on Vimeo.


Mezzo-Soprano, Baritone, String Quartet (requires a conductor, who plays a small role in the piece).


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Opera News Interview with Laura Kaminsky on Premiere of Musical Opera As One

Mezzo soprano Sasha Cooke and Baritone Kelly Markgraf share the role of “Hannah,” the transgender protagonist in “As One”

Kaminsky One of Eight Recipients of Opera America’s Grant for Female Composers

“A Christmas Story” [excerpt] from As One from American Opera Projects on Vimeo.

“Out of Nowhere” [excerpt] from As one from American Opera Projects on Vimeo.


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Denver Post, 2/25/2017

“As One” is the hottest title in opera right now, at least among the titles written in the last 100 years. The musical tale of a transgender woman’s personal evolution is somehow right on time–an accomplished bit of art-making, with considerable entertainment value, that thrusts itself smack into the current political and social discourse.

It’s in Denver this week week. Pittsburgh last. Seattle produced it in November and folks in New Orleans and Los Angeles get to hear it this spring. The chamber piece, which premiered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in late 2014, has a rare vitality in a business where new works–including the good ones–have to fight for even a second show.

Opera companies love it. One reason is that it’s relatively inexpensive to present: no chorus, orchestra or big sets. Composer Laura Kaminsky’s creation has just two singers, a string quartet and a couple of temporary screens that show films in the background.

But that’s why audiences seem to like it, too. It’s intimate. All the complaints so frequently lodged against the art form–that it can be distant, formal and out-of-touch, aren’t a factor for “As One.” Nor is length; it clocks in at just 75 minutes.

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