Paul Brantley – Works

Paul Brantley
Battle Hymn
Soprano, Flute (Picc.), Clarinet in A, Violin, Violoncello and Piano 7′
Bruenhilde’s Peroration
(a setting of Wagner’s unused “Schopenhauer ending” to the Ring cycle)
Flute, Cello, Mezzo-soprano and Piano 6′
Charlotte Songs 2 Part Children’s Chorus and Piano 4′
“…crystal tide forever…” Solo Viola da Gamba 5′
Divan Soprano and Piano 6′
dux, comes for baroque (or modern) violin, baroque (or modern) cello, and harpsichord 11′
Earth Song: Wandelt sich rasch Baritone and String Quartet 6′
“…eppur si muove…” Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Bass Clarinet, Violoncello and Harp 7′
Esterhazy, book I String Quartet 22′
February March Flute (Picc.), Clarinet (Bs. Cl.), Violin, Violoncello and Piano 9′
Gnostic Cantata Mezzo-soprano, Violin and Violoncello 15′
Images Harpsichord 12′
in Just- spring SSAA Chorus (children or women) and optional instruments 4′
Lyre Solo Piano 7′
Miles to Go Violin and Piano 7′
My Dream of the Lost Schumann Romances Violoncello and Piano 7′
Ordre pour violoncelle seul 15 Pieces for solo Cello
Rilke Lieder Soprano and Piano 10′
(arrangement of Mahler’s
5th Symhony, Part II)
2 Violins, Viola, 2 Violoncelli 17′
Service Music Alto Tbn, 2 Tenor Tbns, Bass Tbn 9′
Swevens Sonata Flute and Piano 15′
Syrinx-double Flute and Piano 6′
The Eternal Return Piano and String Quartet 9′
The Oxen Voice and Orchestra (or organ) 4′
The Silver in Yellow Violoncello and Piano 6′
Tombeaux Soprano, Flute, Violin, Viola, Violoncello and Bass 8′