Michael Daugherty – Works

American Gothic Orchestra: Picc 22 EH 2 Bcl 2 Cbn 4331 Timp Perc (3) Hp Pno Stgs 22′
Elvis Everywhere
String Quartet and Pre-recorded sound
Fallingwater Violin and Strings 20′
The Gospel According to Sister Aimee Organ, Brass and Percussion 16′
Labyrinth of Love Soprano and Large Chamber Ensemble (Fl/Picc Ob/Eh Cl/Bs Cl Bn S Sx, A Sx, T Sx, Bar Sx, Hn Tpt BT Perc (1-2) Pno Cb 40′
Labyrinth of Love Soprano and Large Chamber Ensemble (string version) 40′
The Lightning Fields Trumpet (Flugelhorn) and Piano 20′
Lost Vegas Symphonic Band 15′
Lost Vegas Orchestra: Picc 22 EH Eb Cl 2 Bs Cl 2 Cbn 4431 Timp Perc (4) Pno Stgs 15′
Night Owl Orchestra: P 22 EH 2 Bs Cl 2 Cbn 4331 T P(3) Stgs 20′
On the Air Symphonic Band 6′
On the Air
(3rd movement of Radio City)
Orchestra: Picc.,2Fl 2Ob., Eh 2 Cl., Bcl 2 Bn., Cbn 4431
Timp Perc. (4) Stgs
Of War and Peace Symphonic Band 13′
Passage to Petra Bassoon and Chamber Orchestra: Perc. Hp. Stgs. 6′
Radio City Picc. 22 Eh 2 Bcl 2Cbn 4431 Timp Perc. (4) Stgs 24′
Reflections on the Mississippi Tuba and Orchestra: Picc 2222 4300 Timp Perc (3) Pno Stgs 20′
Reflections on the Mississippi Tuba and Symphonic Band 20′
Rio Grande Symphonic Band 10′
Sinatra Shag
Solo Violin and Fl, Bass Cl, Perc (1), Vc and Piano 5′
Saxophone Quartet (SATB) 5′
Tales of Hemingway Cello and Orchestra: 2(Picc) Ob Eh 2 Bn Cbn 2220 T Perc(2) Hp Stgs 28′
This Land Sings Sop., Bar., Narrator (opt.) Vn., Clar., Tpt., Tbn., Bass, Perc (1) 50′
Viva for Violin Solo Violin 3′
Vulcan Concert Band–Available from Hal Leonard 12′
Winter Dreams Concert Band 8′
Writ in Water Mixed Chorus 30′


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