Kenji Bunch – Works

Kenji Bunch

(Works without a link may be on rental or in preparation. Please contact us for details.)

26.2 Horn, Violin, Viola, Violoncello 11′
Arachnophobia fl,ob,cl,asax,bsn(cbsn)/ trp,trb/ 1perc(timp.)hp,pf,str. min. 12′
Aria violin 5′
Boiling Point amplified string quartet, bass, and drumset 7′
Broken Music cello and piano 15′
Changes of Phase woodwind quintet 12′
Chorus Mysticus 2+pic,2,2,2+cbn/ 4,3/ timp,2perc,str(min. 11′
Common Tones violin/viola, horn, and piano 25′
Concerto percussion and piano trio 10′
Cookbook clarinet and piano 18′
Crawl Space cello 5′
Crawl Space viola 5′
Dango Jiru
Flute (picc.), Taiko Ensemble, Violin, and Violoncello 8′
Dies Irie piano trio 6′
Double Talk: Conversation for Marimba, Trumpet, and Orchestra 2222 2 Timp. Stgs 20′
Drift Clarinet, Viola, and piano
Embrace Concerto for Electric Violin and Orchestra 20′
Eventually Emily Violoncello and Piano 8′
Fantasy violin solo 2,2,2,2/2/timp, str.(min. 15′
Five Landmarks
Solo Piano 16′
Floating Alone Percussion 6′
For Our Children’s Children
(Reflections on the Lincoln Legacy)
2222 4330 Timp Perc (2) Stgs 11′
Four Flashbacks Clarinet and Viola 15′
Golden Apples of the Sun Viola solo 1111 1110 Timp Perc (3) Cel Hp Va. Stgs. 10′
Groovebox Fantasy
Orchestra 9′
Hard Winter / Holler and Stomp Violin, Viola, Violoncello and Piano
Hardware Concerto piano trio concertante 2+pic,2,2,2+cbn/ 4,3,2+btbn/ timp,2perc,str(min. 18′
Hobgoblinry viola and harpsichord 9′
Industrial Strength Bass Clarinet and Piano 12′
Intersections piano trio 7′
laissez vibrer viola and celesta 8′
Lament Clar in A and String Quartet 7′
Lullabye Piano Trio
Luminaria Violn and Harp
Lux Aeterna violin and piano 9′
string quartet and percussion (1) 12′
Monica’s Notebook Performance Etudes for Solo Piano
New Moon and Morning Flute and String Quartet 12′
Next Train Solo Violin
Nocturne string orchestra 8′
Paraphraseology violin and marimba 14′
Peripheral Riffs piano 10′
Piano Concerto Picc. 22 EH Eb Cl. 22 Cbn 4331 Timp Perc (3) Hp Stgs. 25′
Pillow Talk 5 trombones and piano 5′
Premonitions piano 6′
Psalm Settings mezzo-soprano and string quartet 24′
Ralph’s Old Records
Flute, Clarinet, Violin/Viola, Violoncello and Piano 20′
Rise (and Shine) Viola Quartet 7′
Road Trip pianos, cello, and percussion 14′
Sarabande violin
Scenes with Dialogue trumpet, flute, and strings 12′
Shout Chorus woodwind quintet
Sketches narrator and string quartet 10′
Slow Dance piano trio 10′
Sonata trombone and piano 10′
Sonnet 128 narrator, violoncello and percussion (2) 7′
String Circle string quintet 20′
String Quartet No. 1 string quartet 25′
String Quartet No. 2: Concussion Theory string quartet 16′
Suite viola and piano 15′
Summer Hours piano and woodwind quintet 13′
SummerSkies piano 3′
Supermaximum String Orchestra (vn. I vn. II va vc I vc II cb I cb II) 12′
Supermaximum Full Orchestra: 3222Cbn 4331 Timp Perc (3) stgs 12′
Swing Shift piano trio 22′
Symphony No. 1: Lichtenstein Triptych 2+pic,2+ca,2+Ebcl,2+cbn/ 4,3,2+btbn,1/ timp,3perc,hp,pf,str(min. 20′
Symphony No. 2: Jubilee 3(picc)2EHEb22Cbn 4331 8o.s. tbn 4 o.s. perc Timp Perc(3) Pno/Cel. Hp Chorus Stgs 30′
Tango Morendo trumpet and piano 8′
Tango Morendo II fl,cl,trp,trb,alto sax, 1perc, pf, str. (min. 10′
The 3 Gs Solo Viola
The Eternal Return Solo Viola
The Torment of the Metals brass quintet 10′
There Will Come Soft Rains low voice and piano 5′
Three American Folk Hymn Settings 2 violas 10′
Three American Folk Hymn Settings 2 violins 10′
Triple Jump marimba 12′
Two Songs soprano and piano 5′
Until Next Time Solo Violin or Solo Viola 5′
Verso Solo Vn, Solo Va, Hpsch, and Strings 14′