D.J. Sparr – Works

Approaching Ali
Chamber Opera in One Act 60′
Catch That Catch Can Picc Fl 2 Ob Cl Bs Cl 2 Bn 2 Hn 2 Tpt Perc (1) Stgs 12′
Cloud of Witnesses Wind Ensemble 10′
DACCA: DECCA: GaFfA Fl., Ob., Cl., Glock., Xyl., 12 Str. Gtr., 6 Str. Gtr., Vn., Va., Vc. 9′
Dreams of the Old Believers Orchestra: 1122 4231 T Perc (3) 2 offstage groups (fl/vn/va) (Ob, Vn, Vc) Hp Stgs 10′
Fantasia for Flute and Electronics: Sugarhouse Flute and Electronics 6′
General Electric E. Gtr, E. Bs., Synth, Perc. and Chamber Ensemble: Fl Ob Cl T. Sx B Sx. Bn Hn Tpt Tbn Stgs or Stg Qt. 18′
Optima Vota Overture-Fantasia for Orchestra (Picc 2222 CBN 4230 Timp Perc-3 Hp Stgs) 8′
Precious Metal 2(pic)2(+1)2,t.sax,b.sax,2(+1)-solo flute-4331-T+4-hrp-pno 20′
Prelude and the Velvet Fugue Wind Ensemble
Schroedinger’s Cat Youth String Orchestra 4′
Silver Strettos (from Precious Metal) Flute and Piano 6′
Sound Harmonies with Air Fl, Cl, Perc (1), E. Gtr, Vn, Vc, Pno, Electronics 9′
St. John’s on Church Hill Picc 22 EH 2 Bs Cl BN 4331 Timp Perc (3) Hp Stgs 4′
Superstring Serenade 2 Vn., Va., Vc., Cb. 7′
Superstring Serenade Strings, Perc. and Harp 7′
Vim:Hocket:Calm Flute, Recorder (clarinet), Trumpet, Voice, Piano 6′
Vim-Hocket-Calm Amplified Violin and Electric Guitar 8′
Woodlawn Drive Fl/Picc, Cl, Perc (1), Vn, Vc, Pno 9′