Christopher Theofanidis – Works

Christopher Theofanidis

(Works without a link may be on rental or in preparation. Please contact us for details.)

Airs and Dances 2 Ob., EH, 2 BN, Perc (1) 13′
All Dreams Begin With the Horizon Piano 14′
Allegory of the Cave String Quartet and Piano 12′
Aria Solo Marimba 7′
Ariel Ascending String Quartet 15′
Artemis Orchestra 25′
As Dancing is to Architecture Orchestra
(2241 Cbn 4431 Timp Perc (3) Hp Pno Stgs)
At the still point String quartet and piano 30′
Birichino Piano 6′
Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra   18′
Concerto for Bassoon and Chamber Orchestra 2121 2000 Perc: 1 Hp Pno Stgs 23′
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra   23′
Concerto for Marimba and Wind Sinfonietta Picc Fl EH 2 Cl. Bs Cl Bn Cbn 2 Hn 2 Tpt Tbn BT Eup Bass Hp Mar Solo Perc (3) 22′
Concerto for Piano and Chamber Orchestra   21′
Concerto for Viola and Chamber Orchestra  2222 2000 P(2) Hp Solo Va Stgs 31′
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra   23′
The Conference of the Birds String Quartet 15′
The Cows of Apollo or the Invention of Music A Masque in One Act 40′
Discipline and Transcendence
Solo Violin 4′
Dreamtime Ancestors Orchestra: 2222 2210 Timp. Perc-1 Stgs; Large version: 2222 4331 T Perc-2 Hp Stgs 20′
Etenraku Winds, Harp, Piano and Percussion 3′
Fantasy Violin and Piano 8′
Five String Quartet 18′
Flourishes Orchestra and Antiphonal Brass 4′
Flow My Tears Viola 7′
Flow My Tears Violin 7′
Flow My Tears Violoncello 7′
Four Levertov Settings Sop. Solo, Chorus (SSATTB), & Vn. 15′
Heart of a Soldier Opera in 2 Acts  
The Here and Now Soloists, Chorus and Orchestra 35′
The Here and Now Soloists, Chorus and Wind Ensemble 35′
The Invention of Music Soloists, Chorus, Rock Singer, Rock Band, Dancers, and Orchestra 40′
I wander the world in a dream of my own making Wind Ensemble 7′
January Echo Solo Guitar 7′
Kaoru 2 Flutes 12′
Lakshmi and the Seed of Divine Desire
Flute and Piano 15′
The Legend of the Northern Lights Narrator, Child Actor and Orchestra (with film) 25′
Messages to Myself SSAATTBB a capella 12′
Muse Strings and Harpsichord 12′
Netherland Alto Saxophone and Piano 6′
O Vis Aeternitatis String Quartet and Piano 15′
Off the Clock
Concert Band 12′
One Thing at a Time Solo Flute 11′
Peace, Love, Light YOUMEONE String Orchestra 6′
Quasi una Fantasia 2 Clarinets and String Quartet 10′
Quasi una Fantasia 2 Clarinets and String Orchestra 10′
Quintet for Clarinet and String Quartet
Clarinet and String Quartet 20′
Raga I Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello, Piano, Perc. (2) 6′
Rainbow Body 3333 4331 Timp Perc (3) Hp Pno Stgs 13′
The Refuge Soloists, Chorus, Orchestra and several non-Western Ensembles 90′
Rex Tremendae Majestatis Solo organ, Brass and Percussion 8′
Song of Elos Soprano, String Quartet, and Piano 10′
Statues Piano 10′
Summer Verses Violin and Violoncello 20′
Sweet Like That Concert Band (grade 3—available from Hal Leonard) 4′
Symphony No. 1 Orchestra 35′
The Thirteen Clocks Opera in 2 Acts  
The world is aflame Violin and Violoncello 10′
This dream, strange and moving 2232 5331 Timp Perc (2) Hp Stgs 8′
A Thousand Cranes String Orchestra and Harp 28′
Une Certaine Joie de vivre Orchestra 2′
Visions and Miracles String Quartet 17′
Visions and Miracles String Orchestra 17′